Monday, 17 August 2015

Best Skin Care Routine

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

First of all, just defining what we are referring to when we say for example skin lightening, can itself be difficult. So, what DO we mean? There are skin creams and serums promising to "fill" wrinkles and otherwise address skin "tone." Then there are other products designed to eliminate dark circles, under the eyes or eliminate eye puffiness, etc. And finally, there are moisturizers designed to, well, moisturize dry or weathered skin.

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So what are we talking about?
Well, let's get straight to the point. We are talking about skin treatments specifically designed to remove dark spots on the skin (age spots) - period. There may be,and usually are, other side benefits of a good liver spot remover but the chief goal of the product should be to lighten skin pigmentation spots; Spots usually associated with the natural aging process, over exposure to the sun, scarring, or just plain old heredity. Age Spot Remover, Dark Spot Corrector, Liver Spot Remover, Skin Lightening, or Pigmentation Corrector, all, refer to more or less the same thing and have one thing in common: lighten skin pigmentation spots.

What works and is it safe?
There are a few ingredients that are known to be effective. However one ingredient, Hydroquinone, is the standout of the group. Hydroquinone, when applied topically as prescribed, in the manner prescribed, and for the length of time prescribed, works very well. Over-the-counter Hydroquinone is available in as high as 2% concentration. Higher concentrations are available via prescription. Hydroquinone can cause problems if ingested so as long as you don't eat it, you'll be fine. All joking aside, and the fact of the matter is, that the Food and Drug Administration has scrutinized Hydroquinone extensively and has repeatedly confirmed its safety as a topical treatment. However, fair warning and common sense, don't expose the treated area to direct sunlight. Use an SPF sunblock or cosmetic cover up sufficient to block the UV effects of the sun.

How quickly should it work?
The old adage "if it seems to good to be true it probably is" certainly applies here. Unless your age spot just popped up over night, chances are that it developed over a period of many years; either from the natural aging process or years of over-exposure to the sun. The best age spot removers work gently and systematically, over a period of weeks, to gradually lighten the age spot to the desired hue. Any age spot removers that promises to work "overnight miracles" or "immediately" is probably one to stay away from. You can't fix this immediately.

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